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Unmatched Quality

Our profit-driven business model, wide footprint, India's leading marketing venture and maximal level of support to our customers allow us to grow significantly in Indian marketplaces. Optimal efficiency, durability, minimal friction and improved designs are the distinctive features of every product supplied by Apollo Impex. We make the best use of a in-house team of competent engineers and other professionals to procure the optimum grade of Airjet Looms and Their spare parts from various Indian and international markets. Every equipment is extensively tested and inspected for its quality, performance and other technical specifications for validating the precision operation of the machines. Our expertise to make sure of on-time supply of the orders provides us with an competitive edge over other companies operating in the same industry.

Products...We Offer

Apollo Impex is a highly acclaimed importer and supplier of the following textile machinery spares:-

  • Rapier Looms:- Rapier tapes of all lengths, rapier wheels, rapier heads, cutters, weft detectors, electronic cards, etc. for the following models:
    • Sulzer RUTI G6200, G6300, G6100, F2001
    • Somet SM92, SM93, THEMA-II, THEMA-EXC
    • Picanol GTM-AS, GTX, GAMMA, PGW
    • Donier GTN, HTV
  • Projectile Loom Spare Parts :- Projectile guide tooth block, guide tooth block, picking link, picking shoe, projectile returner, projectile gripper, brake liners, electronic cards for Sulzer PU, Sulzer TWII, Sulzer P7100, etc.
  • Airjet Looms:- We provide nozzles, solenoid valves, etc. for:
    • Tsudakoma ZA200, ZA203, ZA205I, ZA209, ZAX
    • Toyota JAT-500, JAT-600, JAT-610
    • Donier
  • Miscellaneous:- Weft feeder/ accumulator of different speeds compatible with almost all looms (with technical details), wire healds (j type, c type, simplex, duplex, etc.), wire dropper, leno healds, dobby spares etc.
  • Other Spares:-
    • Projectile Loom Spare Parts
    • Rapier Loom Spare Parts
    • Victor and Adelphi Loom Spare Parts
    • Guide tooth block (Fada Brand)
    • Projectile grippers
    • Brake liners (YG Brand)
    • Centering blade
    • Feeder grippers Es, feeder spring, feeder jaw, etc.
    • Picking shoe, picking lever, tucking needle, etc.
    • Sensors: PFR sensors and weft sensors.

Our Outstanding Facilities

From starting of the procurement process till the goods are delivered in the market our entire work operations are executed without any hassles due to the outstanding facilities and abundant resources that we are backed with to run the operations. Our warehouse is equipped with storing racks in which the packed textile machinery spare parts, Projectile Loom Spare Parts and allied goods are accommodated in a synchronized manner. The transportation of the orders is also done swiftly so that the products reach the customers on time.

Our Company Values

Our company values are the set of principles like to never cheat our clients by offering a defected or low quality products, to keep transparency in business dealings and to deal with respect, integrity and humbleness with all our vendors, clients as well as employees.

Application Areas

Our products in a very short span of time found a place for themselves in the market due to their matchless quality and durability. Garment, handloom, textile, home furnishing, leather are few industrial sectors, where our goods are finding their use. 

Why Us?

The following features strengthen us in fulfilling all our business objectives:

  • Wide range of genuine and authentic Textile Machinery Spare Parts
  • Team of acumen, dynamic engineers and proactive employees to provide better products and services
  • Ability to feed bulk orders in tight deadlines
  • Highly economical prices: the best prices offered in this segment
  • Personalized after sales services and client centric approaches: our hallmark
  • Trust and support of innumerable clients.

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